Fabtech is going at a speed that would make its competitors envious

Tell us in brief about Fabtech Technologies.
Fabtech Technologies International Ltd. (Fabtech) started operation in Mumbai in 1999, manufacturing laminar airflow benches (LAF), at a facility which was spread over an area of approximately 100 Sqm. Expanding its portfolio in a short span of two years, the company started manufacturing cleanroom equipment in 2001, and gradually moved to manufacturing modulars in 2003. After gaining expertise in these solutions, in 2006, the company ventured into manufacturing isolators in the Indian market, which was considered to be the domain of the west, till then. Fabtech is now the leader in isolators as we feel isolators is the future of pharma processing; hence we focus on it. Most importantly, isolators score over the conventional technologies as they are suitable for very low OEL & OEB manipulations where conventional systems, technologies cannot be used.
From 2011, company has graduated to offering turnkey solutions for Pharma, Biotech, Healthcare including technical knowledge for Biotech products.

What about the growth scale of the company?
The company has been on a sustained growth path, one of the reasons being a dynamic and aggressive team and a focused marketing strategy. Fabtech has always worked towards maintaining a CAGR of 27% in the coming years. We have geared up our capacities, technical capabilities and operational setup to meet the future requirements. There is a good future potential with more HPAPIs coming into the market and with newer cytotoxic formulations being launched. In fact, cytotoxic category is one of the fastest growing in India (over 15% growth) and even globally. Biotech is yet another area which will see commendable growth.

What gives Fabtech an edge over others?
Fabtech allows pharma companies to focus on their core competence of making pharma products leaving their technical, engineering & project worries to us. Our belief of exploring new areas and learning from the mistakes of earlier contenders brings us here. Our business model differs from country to country as we are able to adapt to different business conditions in various countries which holds us in good stead. While we mastered in partitions, getting into isolators was an easy way through, but still giving it a cutting edge has been the task at Fabtech. The company has sales and after � sales service throughout India. Besides, Fabtech�s international locations in Syria, Egypt, UAE & Nigeria ensures smooth execution of projects.
We are committed to provide total solutions in area of pharmaceutical and biotech facility design, execution and qualification to cater to quality conscious clients who desire to have correctly optimized facilities that conform to the current norms specified by the international regulatory agencies like the US FDA, MHRA of UK (and consequently EU), TGA of Australia etc. Today, we are present in the US, EU, China, Middle East, Africa, Afro Arab, East Europe etc. Besides, we have consciously moved into emerging markets like India, China or the regulated markets of Europe.

What made you venture into Bangladesh and how competitive is the Pharma market in Bangladesh? Will you replicate the India model here?
The challenge has always been in introducing and selling successfully ahead of anyone else, novel concepts, designs, product innovations to the discerning users in the market of different mindsets, from India to Middle East to Persian Gulf to Africa to CIS and Europe to USA and now Bangladesh. While we deal and experiment with the new markets and products, which requires a lot of capital, we also had to focus on maintaining healthy balance sheets while tapping the cash consuming regulated markets, which was indeed a task and we have done that too. Engineering, technology, manufacturing & construction and all of these in-house holds the key to our strategy, pricing, offerings in Bangladesh. 

What is the business potential that this market holds for you?
The global pharma market is growing but has always thrown up challenges to us. We have successfully geared ourselves up to meet these by integrating containment technology solutions with our flagship business. This makes us one of the few Turnkey Solution providers for potent compounds. Newer diagnostic methods are making it easier to identify critical ailments and research is bringing newer solutions to the masses. New facilities are being set up especially in the Middle East with the increase in medical tourism. Africa is also growing to be the new emerging market and we see a lot of potential there.

What are the services that you will be providing here?
Fabtech has now matured, imbibed new technologies and structured itself to become a Turnkey Solutions provider � from civil construction to internal cleanrooms, from utilities including electrical, HVAC and plumbing requirements to high tech isolation, containment and granulation solution. We offer the customer one-stop project solution. And along with Turnkey engineering capability

What about your footprint in the global market?
Starting with a strong focus on exports, Fabtech entered Argentina with Glenmark, South Africa with Ranbaxy as clients, as these companies were already our clients and relied on us. Since then, Fabtech has moved aggressively towards achieving its next target of becoming a specialist construction company where it caters to making inner box, outer box, containment solutions, which we feel will drive the growth. Expanding its manufacturing base in India and widening its reach amongst customers, Fabtech is going at a speed that would make its competitors envious. We have over 72% repeat customers which speaks of our commitment to service and customer satisfaction. We have executed more than 700 installations with client base in 40+ countries.

Tell us about your future business plans
Fabtech is spreading its wings globally and is poised to become an International Specialty Construction Solutions Provider. Our focus is on Pharma and the growing Biotechnology industry

  Dhaka -

Monday 22 Jan 2018

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